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You may have moved your office to a new location or simply need help organizing your office. Perhaps you may think you don’t have time to organize the office, but being dis-organised can cost in lack of productivity which can be due to uncomfortable colleagues that simply can’t find what they need. In most cases, the office environment grows stagnant and areas are forgotten about. It can take little time to organize, However a good spring clean and regular changes do help to keep the office feeling fresh – and your colleagues feeling comfortable within their working space. Here are a few tips on what you can think about, using filing, custom stickers, layout and computer which might just include a few ideas that you haven’t thought about, and that help you get more done – meaning a much more productive office environment:


Everything that you don’t need can be disposed of. Shred your old paperwork, remove unused filing cabinets – furniture, equipment, plants even…If it’s dusty and hasn’t been used for months then get rid of it to avoid the office space feeling, and looking, shabby and unloved.

Re-locate Items

If it doesn’t belong there, find somewhere it can live. Piles of paperwork or old sample products can build up and be left for ages, sometimes years. Sort through the old and either remove it or re-locate it to a more organised place if you have to keep it. Use cheap archive boxes as a solution to keep files out of your working space.

Think about the layout

Layout is essential organizing your office, not just because of the way it looks but also the way your staff feel comfortable while they work. The more efficient and comfortable the work space is the better.

Think about:

  • Main work space such as desks and places to put stationery and bins.
  • Filing areas used for reference such as shelves, binders and folders are helpful.
  • Areas in which to put ‘to do’ papers in and those essential for daily use.
  • Keep everything local to your staff so that they are in close proximity. Simple things like staplers, hole punches, spare paper and of course larger items like copiers and computers
  • Have somewhere to store your office supplies
  • The need for storing paperwork is reducing as we slowly move into the digital age. However, old paperwork that can’t yet be disposed of or that needs to remain on site needs to be stored neatly so that it can be located easily.
  • Things like notepads, pens, envelopes, paper-clips – keep a space for spares and a drawer for keeping those close to your colleagues, such as their drawers.
  • Store information efficiently
  • Make sure you are carrying out back-ups of the files on your computer/s and think about reducing your ‘physical’ filing system.
  • You don’t have to duplicate everything as long as they are well-stored.
  • Keep it simple
  • Clear desks and ensure that everything there is clean and ready for everyday use.
  • Have clear workspace, filing space, and don’t go over-the-top with decorations. Have clear workspace, filing space, and don’t go over-the-top with decorations.

Colour Code

Quite simple really but organizing your office space means sorting out your filing. using custom sticker printing

To look to a functional office environment you can colour code your paperwork or media into things like:

Green – Personal

Yellow – Human Resources

Blue – Office Procedures

Orange – Insurance Documents

Mail Pod

A mail station is essential. When you have re-jigged your layout then make a special place where mail can go and be sorted. Mail is vital to your business and essential in keeping it moving. It’s also where you will receive documents that are relevant to your business, so keeping a small space for it and assigning someone to sort through it every day means that you can stay productive.

Man Having Be Happy Sticky  custom sticker on Forehead During Office Break Time

Put It Out of Sight

Use handy containers under desks, encourage your colleagues to use their drawers for little items, and of course they should use their bins. Putting supplies out of sight will keep your office decluttered and looking good.

This is your office space and organizing your office as well as conducting regular plans when it comes to controlling mess and piles of papers can make your office much more productive.

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