Dallas Cowboys Stadium

The city of Dallas, as well as the entire state of Texas, is famous
for one thing above all others. This is that Dallas serves as the home of one
of the worlds most amazing and renowned football teams, the Dallas Cowboys.
This great team of football legends calls the massive architectural work of
art, the Dallas Cowboy Stadium their home. The Dallas Cowboys have a truly
loyal following in this city. Very few, if any, of the citizens of Dallas have
not attended a game here.

Beyond the team itself, one has to marvel at this, one of the world’s most
expensive and architecturally trendy stadiums, costing more than to hundred
million dollars to construct. One can see it for miles as you drive through the
massive city of Dallas. Even if you could manage to lose your way when heading
to the stadium, the locals will always be able to give you directions.
Nevertheless, most people do not care much either way for this aspect. They
simply want to see footballs most legendary teams in action. For the sports
lover or just the basic football fan, there is no better vacation activity than
to see the Dallas Cowboys play in the Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

As stated before, getting there is easy enough. You would be hard pressed to
get lost, as it is such a massive stadium. Not only that, but there are
fourteen different routes that lead to the stadium parking lot, making it a
center point for Dallas. In many of your average stadiums it is hard to find a
good parking spot, if you can find one at all within walking distance during a
big game. The Dallas Cowboy stadium, however, has taken great care to make sure
that all the fans can come to the game by putting in a massive parking area
that will hold up to thirty thousand vehicles!

Another problem that one generally faces at a major league game is that of the
crowds. It can be difficult to get into the game at all, and if you do the game
has generally already begun unless you arrive at least one hour before the game
time. The Cowboy’s Stadium is built with the expectation of massive crowds, so
they installed two gigantic entrances to insure that everyone gets to their
seats in time to see the kick-off. Once inside, you will slowly begin to
realize that, though you may be high in the stands, you haven’t actually gone
uphill. The playing field is a full fifty feet below ground level.

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For the football fanatic, there can be no greater entertainment than a live cowboys
football game. But while you are here, take time out to admire the hard work
that was put into the stadium itself. Realize that all this hard work and the
outrageous amount of money was invested for one reason, so that your game might
be all the more pleasant.

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